PG电子官网 农产品有限公司成立于2008年7月,致力于农产品标准化,努力以农产品标准化为抓手,促进农产品流通。在深圳和江西共青城设有精深加工中心,香港设有全资子公司和仓库。



Shenzhen Growland Agricultural Products Co., Ltd. was founded in July 2008 in Shenzhen and focuses on standardized agricultural products supply chain, and affirms agricultural industrialization and integration of agricultural resource.We get involved in the fields of deep processing of agricultural products,supplying of standardized food material,brand agricultural products operation,agricultural products E-commerce,domestic and international trade,agricultural commodity trade.Our prestigious products include natural spices、sesame、dried edible mushrooms、dried fruit、grains and cereals、herbs and diets、 food ingredients,material for food industry,catering ingredients,primary agricultural products.We obtained production licenses for  full range  variety of agricultural products,and also accredited with HACCP,Halal,FSSC2200 certification.Growland’s mission is  “To supply standardized edible agricultural products”as our mission while vision is “Become a respected global agricultural company”.We strive to provide a full range of standardized one-stop ingredients and professional services for the food processing industry and catering industry,including provide professional agricultural products application solutions,and also provide application solution for agricultural products.By taking  brand building for the agricultural products”PG电子官网、土川、南北商品”,we provide  the  various  consumers  with  the  sustained  and  steady  high  quality  edible  agricultural  products, which  the  standardized  kitchen  agricultural  products   and  the  processing  for  edible  agricultural  products  are covered.We are committed to integrate ourself into the global industrial chain by  forming  a standardized edible agricultural products supply chain system,which is the linkage for primary, secondary and tertiary industries,Integration of agriculture, industry and commerce.